What are our most commonly asked questions?

It’s natural to have lots of questions when you’re letting a stranger take care of your pet. What if my pet has allergies? What if my pet is grain free? Will my pet be in contact with other animals? These are just some of the common questions that I will be providing answers for below. If you still have something you’re unsure about after going through the list, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the button below (it will link you to facebook where you can send an instant message) and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Can you take them?

If you pet needs to see a vet during a house sit we will first make contact with you to check the details of your regular vet, to discuss the matter with you first and seek your advice and approval on the matter. Unfortunately we are unable to assist with regular vet trips and checkups however we can recommend a mobile vet if that helps

What do you need from us to be able to service our pets?

All we require from you is a tap and a power point, we have a hose and an extension lead with us :) if your tap / power access is quite far from where we will be able to park our trailer please let us know

Do you do dog training?

We don't do dog training as we are not qualified dog trainers, We stick to grooming, walking, bathing & Pet sitting as these are our specialties. 

We can however recommend an absolutely fantastic dog training business. Dog training 101 are our trusted and recommended trainers 


My dog has allergies and sensitive skin or is grain free, Can you cater to this?

We sure do!
We use all natural products at Salon Doggo to assist itchy, allergy doggos. We also carry medicated shampoos and can use your own products if you prefer them also. If your doggo is grain free please

Will my dog be around other dogs?

No, Here at Salon Doggo your Doggo gets our undivided attention. The only time they are around other pets is if they are groomed or bathed with their siblings, or if a doggo walks past while they are in the trailer

I get worried with an early or later appointment that my doggo might get cold, do you have warm water?

We have instant gas hot water in our mobile salon, we also blow dry pets providing they can tolerate it, otherwise pets are thoroughly towel dried before being returned to you

Different Pets have different needs, what shampoo's do you have that can cater to my dog

We sure do and we understand that every pooch is different as are people. For this reason we have a few different shampoos to cater to different needs. ~ De-Shedding shampoo - To help control pets shedding, this needs to be done with a thorough brush out and blow dry if possible. ~Allergy / Sensitive Shampoo - a great all rounder shampoo for use with sensitive or itchy pets, as it is natural it won't hurt their skin further or reduce their natural oils. 
~ Medicated shampoo - This can cause doggos to become dry and lose their natural oil, This is recommended if the vet has recommended it to be used